2008 Upcoming Internal
Plan ahead
Sweeteners:  Sucrose, Conventional Liquid/Dry, Sugar
Alcohols, and High Intensity
You pick the
time, convenient
for your staff
Internal course can be  developed around your sweetener
interests. Hands on application is also available.
Starches: The Industry Global Supply, Native or Unmodified,
Structure Modification Properties, Application Interactions
Allow at least
2-3 days for
this training
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STARQUEST F.O.O.D.-Technical Training
Providing food industry technical training to scientists, technologists, sales,
marketing, production and quality assurance professionals.
Formulation  Operation  Optimization  Development
Short Courses
Consulting Services
Designed for the food scientist that is new to
the industry or for one with 5+ years of
Ingredient Interactions:  This course has been developed to enhance
the background of how starches, gums, sweeteners, lipids, proteins, salts,
acidulates, fibers, compound ingredients and water react and interact within
food systems for the bakery, convenience dairy, dressing& sauces, frozen,
meat, retorted, aseptic, dry mix and ready to eat food systems.
Allow 3-4 days as this course moves across several food systems and can be
designed to utilize hands on demonstrations.